Lunch Menu

Welcome to The Old Courthouse


Seasonal Brown Derby; Turkey, Tomato, Bacon over Toast with Creamy Swiss
Cheese Sauce $10

Seafood Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Lemon Grass and Ginger $14

Pasta Shrimp Scampi over Penne $11

Salad Roasted Beets and California Navel Oranges over Greens with
Toasted Coriander Vinaigrette $7

Omelet Cauliflower and Swiss Cheese $9

Soups Creamy Tomato $5
Chicken Chili and Black Beans $5

We also offer…

House Salad: Mixed greens, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes with choice of raspberry vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, maple walnut vinaigrette, creamy ranch or blue cheese dressing $5

Caesar Salad: Hand torn romaine, tossed with house made croutons, freshly shaved parmesan cheese and our own Caesar dressing $5 add grilled chicken or shrimp: $4
Anchovies available on request

Courthouse Club: House roasted turkey, North Country Smokehouse Bacon, romaine and tomato on toasted white or wheat $9

Grilled Cheese: Choice of American, Swiss or smoked cheddar on white/wheat $6
With Ham, Tomato or Bacon $8

Tuna Melt: Solid albacore white tuna on a toasted English muffin with melted Swiss cheese $9

Croque Monsieur: Ham, oven roasted turkey and Swiss cheese sandwiched between traditional French toast $9 Maple syrup on request

Grilled Chicken: Served on a bulkie with choice of barbeque or honey mustard $8

Court Burger: Fire-grilled, with choice of bacon, lettuce, onion, mushrooms, tomato, American, Swiss, smoked cheddar or bleu cheese $9

Open Faced Roast Turkey Sandwich: Hot roasted turkey and gravy served over toasted country white bread, with cranberry sauce. $9

Sandwiches include a side salad or chips